Make a Difference in Someone's Life...Including Yours

Here's a great P.E.A.C.E. opportunity for you, your family or your small group. Some of you are made for this. This fits your gifts and passions...all you need to do is decide to give your time. That's a big decision, but it has a clear beginning and end. Make a  three-month commitment and change a life (I'm talking about yours). You will receive a short orientation that gives you the tools and know-how.

Please prayerfully consider befriending a Karen refugee.  You can make a world of difference in the life of a Karen family by giving 4 - 8 hours per month of your time for at least three months. The Karen continually request American friends for new families.

When refugees arrive in MN, life here can seem overwhelming.  Imagine fleeing for your life to a new country with a foreign language and customs.  How would you schedule appointments, pay bills, or even find a bus stop without help?  This is what it means to befriend a refugee – take them to the grocery store, teach them how to pay bills, go through their mail with them, make appointments, take their kids to the zoo, carve pumpkins with them, learn about their culture and teach them about yours – be their friend!  You will be blessed as you heed God’s call to love the alien and stranger in our midst (Deuteronomy 10:19).

Five Oaks partners with World Relief Minnesota in welcoming our Karen brothers and sisters.  World Relief requests at least a 3 month commitment, visiting the family once a week or every other week.  World Relief asks all volunteers to fill out an application and attend a brief orientation so they can provide the best support for the volunteers and refugee families.

Please contact Jennifer Dunbar or Denise Coronado at to learn more and to get involved. Ta blut doe mah (Thank you very much).