Kingdom First in the Home

What does it look like to put God's kingdom priorities first in your home and in your parenting? I put a challenge out this last weekend but didn't get into what this looks like. What does it look like?

More than anything else, I think it means that mom and dad are actively and intentionally growing in their faith. So mom and dad are connecting with other believers in worship, fellowship and service. They are deepening by reading and reflecting on Scripture daily, praying and growing in greater obedience to God. Do your kids ever catch you having your personal devotions? They are impacting the world for Christ by sharing their faith, helping the under resourced and participating in Christ's world-wide mission.

When God's kingdom priorities are first in the home, the kids know it because it works its way into the calendar. Saying "no" to lots of lesser priorities is made easier by a big, fat "YES" to God's greater priorities. Parents make sure the kids are being exposed to great children and student ministries, including VBS, camps and conferences that help them make key decisions in their lives and drive home the content and relevance of God's Word to their lives.

It shows up in spending. Kids hear things like, "We're driving to Florida for our vacation instead of flying and giving the difference in cost to our Haiti mission." That's what one family did this spring at Five Oaks! Have your kids ever heard you say you'll forgo something you want for the sake of giving more away for God's kingdom?

It shows up in gentleness, kindness and peace. If your faith is strident and unattractive, good luck getting your kids to follow Christ. Look at the fruit of the Spirit. Anyone parent exhibiting this fruit will more likely reap great spiritual fruit in their kids. 

If an objective observer in your home wouldn't have a clue that God's kingdom is your priority in parenting, start growing. If you need to know more about growing, attend the 101, 201 and 301 seminars as they are offered. Don't wait. Your kids are growing up really fast.