Hudson Visit

I really enjoyed my short visit to the Hudson campus on Sunday. We played the video from Sunday night at the 9:30am service at Woodbury, and we played it at Hudson, too. I wanted to see what Hudson sees each week. I did take some time during the announcements to share a bit from my heart.

The best part about the Hudson campus, by far, is the congregation. It's vibrant, growing and filled with new faces and many long time friends. The Children's area has expanded and going strong. A ministry to teens begins this fall, which we all know is critical to our future. 

There had been some key changes since I was there last, the most notable being the move to the larger theater. Everybody was telling me about how much better it is and I totally agree. Great move!

The new projector is great too. But the quality is not yet where I think it should be. Great improvements, but we're going to keep making it better with a better lighting package and by making some changes to how we focus. What looks great on a computer screen in the editing room doesn't look as sharp on the screen. We will be making some changes to improve the sharpness of the picture. I can't wait to go some day and be able to say, "Now that's what I'm talking about." We're so close. 

Some of you who have never been to the Hudson campus or haven't been for a while will really enjoy a trip out there to check it out to see what Five Oaks is doing. It will bless you.