The Bacis on the Basics (Part 3)

Here's what I believe a good basic orientation to the Bible and doctrine should include:

  • On the Bible: The basics on how the Bible is organized and on the time-line and story-line of the Bible.
  • On Doctrine: The basics on several key Bible doctrines like God (including the role of all three members of the Trinity), the problem of sin and God's solution to the problem (including salvation, the Kingdom of God, sanctification and the second coming).

A person can get these on their own by reading the right books. They can also get it through a spiritual mentor. A combination of reading and mentorship is probably the best way of getting the basics because it provides the best opportunity for talking things through and asking questions. This is great for learning.

But we have over 350 people who need the basics at Five Oaks right now. So we believe that a seminar is our best approach. If offers the opportunity for discussion and the advantage of a common approach.

Here's the catch: I have yet to find a ready-made seminar that provides what we're looking for in terms of a basic orientation to the Bible and doctrine. I have to admit, though, that I have some very specific ideas about how it should be structured (see next post). We will either have to adapt a curriculum or design our own. But don''t worry. This is not rocket science.

My last post, part four of "The Basics on the Basics," will discuss the structure of this seminar. 

What are your thoughts on this subject?