GVCM Update...on the Ground in Haiti

Here is an update from David Davolt, president of GVCM.

  • Yves has been on the ground since the earthquake helping maintain order, finding food and supplies, running back and forth from Fedja to PAP. He has been doing everything possible to care for his fellow Haitians. Yvon and his wife live fulltime in Haiti now and they have been in PAP all during the earthquake. They have been working with the churches in the south part of Haiti; some were very close to the epicenter of the earthquake.
  • Medical Team in Haiti - This past week a team from around the Portland, Oregon area entered Haiti via the DR. The group included several medical personal. They have been treating many people and have been busy from sunlight to sunset and more.
  • Papouloute from Thomassique, Haiti - Much thanks to the earthquake response team at the hospital of The University of Miami and a newly formed connection between GVCM and the U of M hospital, Papouloute began treatment in Port au Prince and is now in the hospital in Miami, FL for surgery...... He needed some specialized care and we are thanking God for providing ways to get things done!!
  • Adoption Story - Tiffanie Lenhart has shared their story of adopting three Haitian boys. It is on Yves Prophet’s facebook page. Watch and we will try to reproduce it on the GVCM website. It is amazing how God has worked in their family.
  • PLEASE KEEP PRAYING - Please pray for Yvon and Yves and the staff in Haiti as well as the people that are suffering there. The need is great and we can help so much by just giving our surplus, not to mention sacrificial gifts.
  • Please encourage your friends and churches to make special gifts to GVCM and it will all be used to take care of hurting people.

You may give either on line at www.gvcm.org or send checks to:
PO Box 75158
Wichita, KS 67275