Relevance Conference: Bill Hybels

We had a general session with Bill Hybels and a senior pastor session. I can't tell you what was said at the senior pastor session or I'd have to kill you. Here are a few highlights of the afternoon with Hybels:

  • Without a white-hot vision a church runs out of steam.
  • When he almost burnt out in 1989 he had a victim mentality, expecting someone else to replenish his spirit instead of taking personal responsibility for it.
  • A thriving church is (1) blindingly clear about its mission, (2) engages the congregation in its mission and (3) offers memorable worship gatherings.
  • He wants all killer and no no filler in the services these days. If he's told "we have a pretty good drama" he doesn't use it.
  • Every time you take time to replenish yourself, someone is disappointed in you. But you have to do it.
  • When the church plateaus in growth, it should be expected. But it becomes a new important problem to solve without panicking. 

Okay, the last two were from the pastor's session, so don't tell anybody.