Relevance Conference

There are nineteen Five Oaks staff at the Relevance Conference put on by Eagle Brook. Bill Hybels is being inerviewed right now by Eagle Brook's pastor Bob Merritt. Morning sessions were great in content, funny and moving. Some big ideas shared by the three speakers (Merritt and the other two teaching pastors):

  • For Jesus, ministry was important, but mission trumped ministry (let the dead bury the dead).
  • The worship service can be for beievers and unbelievers because we share many of the same issues (to be better parents, marriage partners, etc.) and many of the same tastes and interests.
  • Friendship evangelism doesn't work all that well today and in the New Testament. People are usually won by the ministry of the "crowd" today and in the New Testament (e.g., Mt. 4:22-23; Acts 2; 14:1; 17:1).
  • Relevance is to know the world, not to become like the world, but to help people in the world become like Christ.
  • Relevance = Content + Delivery + Environment
  • Face reality. Reality + Humility = Opportunity.