Identity: Masterpiece


Ephesians 2:4-10 - Another one of those passages today that drives home all we are and all we have in Christ. It's breathtaking when listed and prayed back to God.

  • You love me
  • You gave me life through Christ's resurrection
  • I have been saved by your grace alone
  • I have been raised from the dead
  • Since I am united with Christ, I am essentially where he is: seated in the heavenly realms, this is my destiny
  • I have experienced your grace and kindness
  • You will point to me to future generations as an example of your grace and kindness in the past
  • You have given me the gift of your grace and I have opened it and received your salvation
  • I am your masterpiece
  • I am created anew in Christ Jesus
  • I am now able to do what you planned for me long ago