Identity: For our sin


The challenge this week is to read and reflect on 2 Corinthians 5:17-21 all week, memorize verse 21 (working on it every day) and practice taking thoughts captive (decide what to validate).

My focus went to Jesus taking our sin for us. The ESV says, "For our sake...." He did this for us. It's not the whole story. He did it for his own glory as God. But he did it for our sake too. He took that on for us. My prayer this morning focused on that truth. I'm going to hold on to that today and see how that impacts my outlook.

Taking thoughts captive and running them through the filter of Scriptural truth will be a challenge. I think I do it all the time just naturally. That's good. But that also means that I miss a lot and have gotten use to missing a lot because it is natural and not intentional. This is going to be a challenge.