Day One: 21-Day Easter Challenge

Bible Experience
As I said yesterday, I'm listening to John in "Inspired by...the Bible Experience," which can be downloaded in iTunes for $3.95. If you're going to read it, I highly recommend using a modern translation (New Living Translation 2004 revision, New International Version, or The Message for seasoned Bible readers).

Before listening today, I prayed for God to speak to me through his Word. I also spent some time in confession. After listening I journaled my prayer by emailing my prayer to God. Okay, that sounds weird, but  while I enjoy journaling (it's not for everybody), I don't like writing freehand much anymore. So I've been writing my prayers as emails for a while now and it's very natural for me.

What struck me in today's "reading" was seeing: light, look, see, saw... These words jumped out at me for whatever reason. Jesus came to bring light, John saw Jesus, Jesus saw Nathaniel, people were asking others to come and see Jesus for themselves, you will see even greater just seemed to be everywhere.

Here's part of what I wrote in my journal/email-to-God: me live in the light. Shine your light in my life. Push back the darkness. Help me stomp the darkness in my actions and in how I love others.

Help me see you in everything. Help me look to you for everything.

Father, I lift up to you all who are joining in this challenge. Help them to see your Son and his love and his grace and his truth. Help us all to walk in your grace and in your truth.