21-Day Easter Challenge

If you were in our services yesterday I put a challenge out to our congregation to read one chapter of John every day for the next 21-days and reflect on it in light of Easter. That means we'll be finishing John on Easter Sunday. If you missed it, join us. The day is not yet over.

I'll be posting each day about my reading and I'm looking for comments, thoughts, insights or just a shout out that you're in. Hit the comment link below (or link to the site if you get this via email). If you respond to this by email, it won't make it to the comment section, but it would be cool for everyone else to see your reflections, so go to the blog site.

I'll be linking my posts to Facebook, so join me over there if you prefer. Not looking for deep insights or long essays. Simple reflections on Scripture for your life. And maybe the formation of one of the most important habits for spiritual formation, daily Bible reading and reflection.