Haiti Report

Jerry Meras gave us an update on Haiti at our weekly staff check-in this week.

  • If the kids don't move in after our last team, it should happen when a group of 40 from another church arrive after our last team to do some more work.
  • The church is holding services in the orphanage building.
  • It was the hottest January trip hovering at 100 with very high humidity.
  • The daily break at the hotel swimming pool (no, our teams don't stay there but we pay to use the pool), was made more interesting when they found a snake (maybe poisonous) in the pool when they were swimming.
  • Dave Breen hopes to go back soon to install the gourmet Italian kitchen that has been donated. He wants to take some of his staff and the chef from Embassy Suites.
  • I'll interview Jerry in a service about his experience of meeting the girl his family sponsors. Great story.


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