First Impressions Update

Here are the latest comments sent back to us on the cards we sent first-time guests:


  • Front greeters were friendly. I felt the Minnesota nice. A gentleman approached me and as looking for new faces, asked me how I heard about the church. I told him through a member. He didn’t extend much on a personal level, more like he was doing a job. People were nice but not warm. I did enjoy the sermons from Henry Williams. I felt his connection to biblical verses and how they relate to our lives, the connection I look for, important. I enjoyed his 2 sermons very much. I will give the church another chance.
  • I enjoyed my visit to your church very much. The members welcomed me and were all so kind. The welcoming gift was a great treat too.
  • Did receive a great welcome at the service center and welcome gift. Also, the kids/treehouse command post was very helpful. Did receive some hellos and goodmornings.


  • I am a regular attender at Eaglebrook and visited during the wee after Christmas. Very impressed and liked the smaller church – very relevant.