Hudson Mo

I happened to mention the momentum the Hudson campus is feeling these days in a conversation with one of our leaders at the Woodbury campus and his, "Really? I didn't realize that," told me I have to get the word out. Here it is: Things are going very well at the Hudson campus. There are new faces everywhere and a very positive spirit.

I know we need to do a better job of telling the story of what's happening there, but the time will come for that. We'll do a full-court press at a future time. For one thing, I'm waiting for the Campus Pastor to help out with that, and I'd like to coincide it with the unveiling of our strategy for future campuses. This will take a while, so, in the meantime, I'll keep trickling information out.

If you've never attended, try it. If you live close by, try it again. It's our first campus and we're learning new things every week. The First Impressions set-up on the theater lobby looks great, the kids areas (three theaters and the party room) are brightly decorated (see picture below) and the service in the theater is starting to fill full.

The greatest sign of mo? Transitioning to a new interim team without a hitch. I think knowing that it's an "indigenous" team they all know and that Brian will still be around, since it's his home campus, helps a lot. I think the new Campus Pastor will be walking into a very healthy, upbeat situation.  Hudson1