Courage in Your Marriage

Judging from what I hear about what people are struggling with in our church and by our prayer requests, I'd say that there are more people facing marital crisis than financial crisis in our church. If you're in a marital crisis, may I make a couple of suggestions?

Go see the movie Fireproof and then follow it up with the love dare. There are, of course, many other things you can do. Share your struggle with a spiritual mentor or go see a Christian counselor. But I encourage you to take some action. You might be worn down or want to give up, but God will give you the strength you need.

The following is from today's issue of Gary Smalley's e-newsletter:

Courage is the inner commitment to pursue a worthwhile goal without giving up hope.

Regardless of how discouraged you may be, it's never too late to rekindle your hope and bring renewed life into your relationship with your spouse. Why do I believe this? I see in Scripture that God always gives us hope. And second of all, almost daily, I see and hear of couples being restored!

The first step toward increasing your courage is to commit yourself actively to pursue a more fulfilling relationship with your spouse and to build a better marriage. One major roadblock to a happy marriage is not looking to God for 100% of your happiness in life. Don't look to your spouse, kids, church, or friends! It may sound cliché, but Jesus clearly taught this truth, especially in the Sermon on the Mount.

Keep in mind that you'll face trials and resistance in the process of gaining courage. It's important that you commit yourself to endure any pressure that may come. If you wait for your spouse to initiate a better relationship, it may be a long, long wait. Remember that God loved us first and a leader always initiates first.