Off to Chicago

I'm off to Chicago tomorrow where I will be in a presentation from 10am until 4pm and then head back. Here's how one of the executive leaders of the EFCA describes the tool a church from Rockford, IL has developed.

ADW has developed a tool that I believe has the potential to help churches give every believer in their body a customized spiritual growth plan and help churches measure real spiritual health, rather than nickels and noses – without changing the culture, structure or ethos of your unique ministry.  This tool can be customized for each congregation and does not impact your current programming.

...In essence, the tool that ADW is going to show these churches (and hopefully you) is a system that takes a quick, fun, and extremely accurate assessment of an individual, filters that through a discipleship framework that assesses and measures spiritual transformation and then provides a customized spiritual growth plan - with resources provided at large (audio, video, books, downloads, etc.) and specific resources provided by each local church.  The great thing is that ADW doesn't want credit, they will help churches customize the tool so that their church provides something valuable to your own members--not some company your members have never heard of. 

I'll let you know more about it first chance I have get once I'm back. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? I'm looking forward to learning about it. And they're footing the bill, so all I have to lose is a day out of my life. Come to think of it, it better be good!