The Group Life Team

I've been meaning to get the word out on this for a while, but recently Karla Pedro took over the primary editing duties from Judy Visness. Karla is a professional writer and published author, and I'm very excited about someone with her talents and experience taking on this role. She has been serving as a Group Life writer already for some time.

Judy continues to administrate Group Life, which means, for one thing, poking me to get information about upcoming messages out on time. Sometimes she has to poke really hard.

Larry Graber, one of the best question-askers I know, also gives Group Life a final look over before publishing.

We're really fortunate to have such a great team of writers too: Karla Pedrow, Scott Teece, Dave Baar, Alexandra Stoehr, Bev Whitney, Juli Servatius, Lainie Amos, Dede Lawson and Christy McMillen.