First Impressions Update

Here are the latest comments returned from the card we send first-time guests. You'll notice from time to time that the comments come from people who've been coming for a while. The reason for that is either they signed in for the first time after multiple visits or they didn't send the card back in until after multiple visits.


  • Liked the casual and upbeat atmosphere. Liked the enthusiasm of the Pastor and the way he related the message to real life.
  • We have really enjoyed coming to the church, and we are looking forward to becoming members.
  • We liked the service a lot, and we’re pleased that our 2 children could attend Sunday School even though we weren’t members.


  • The second time we visited, the lights in the theatre were turned up – good job. I love the music, but I think it’s too loud. I covered my infant and toddler’s ears. The message was applicable to every day life.