Lois and I and some other Five Oakers attended a preview showing of a movie that's coming out in late September called "Fireproof." The movie was created by a church in Georgia, the same church that created "Facing the Giants."

By Hollywood standards, the acting a weak at points (most of the actors are church members), but don't get me wrong, this is a very well done movie. It's about restoring a marriage and finding Christ and you will be amazed that a church could do this. Sony is helping distribute it because of the success of Facing the Giants (filmed for $20K and grossed 9 million). Kirk Cameron is the star of this one, but as I understand it, he didn't even take a penny for acting in it and all the actors did it for free.

Here's what I loved about the movie:

  • Several laugh out loud scenes. I love to laugh, and this movie made me laugh.
  • While the outcome is quite predictable, getting there had some surprising twists in the plot.
  • Very moving story with a great point.
  • Some good action, although not a lot for those addicted to non-stop action.

It's not going to win any Oscars, and you do recognize at certain points that this is made by a church (though not nearly as often as you would think). It's better than most made-for-tv movies but not up to the quality of most Hollywood movies of this genre. But it is definitely worth seeing and taking people to see it. I think that with the proper set-up conversation they'll love it, and many will not only find some renewal in their marriages but they might find Christ.