The Last Sunday

The Hudson campus meets for it's last weekend at Hudson Middle School this Sunday. It's been a good home in many ways. It started with a bit of a hiccup when, after the first week, we were told we would not be given access to rooms any more. It all turned out well because of the way the school is laid out with a commons area for each group of classrooms. Other than that setback, we've had a very good relationship with the school and no problems.

On June 15 we move to the new Hudson 12 Theatre (yes, they use the European spelling) and our service time changes to 9:30 a.m. to accommodate getting out on time for movies to show. June 15 is our "soft opening." We've got impact cards going out to Hudson and surrounding communities promoting June 22. We want to get a week under our belts and past the inevitable glitches before we have a lot of people show up.

This Saturday is a "dress rehearsal." The logistics team and others will set up in the morning and make sure we know where the lights go, where we plug in, how sound and video will work, and a ton of other details. Thanks to all the volunteers that will be giving up their Saturday morning and then set up all over again on Sunday at the school.

Mark your calendars for June 15 or 22. We'd love to have a bunch of you come over and check it out.