What a weekend!

Prize1 Prize2Here are pictures of two of the four winners this past weekend in the special spiritual growth prize giveaway. That was fun. But what really pumped me up was...

  • Seven people indicating first-time decisions to follow Christ on their Communication Cards. They will all be invited to a seminar I'll be leading on growing in your relationship with Christ.
  • Meeting several people who had been invited by Five Oakers (some were as a result of JWAR).
  • Great attendance in spite of bitter cold weather. The Big Day wouldn't have been very big if everyone stayed home because of the cold.
  • We had someone praying in all services, all during the services. In a mysterious way, prayer moves the hand of a sovereign God.
  • The overall festive atmosphere. Great job Jeni Carlson on helping making the Big Day a big day. Jeni planned the food, prizes, decorations, etc.