Staff Nicknames

At our "Staff Check-in" today we went around and shared a nickname we had or currently have, as well as whether we liked it and some background. Here are the names. You might guess a few.

  • Leonard - from boxing in the military, broke some noses, etc. - came from the book "Of Mice & Men"...didn't like it.
  • Slice - from ability to cut to the basket in basketball...felt okay about it
  • Opie Taylor - named by guys in the warehouse back in college...didn't like it then but okay with it now
  • Honorary Fat Kid - because of his lunch room eating, skinny but could eat as much as the football players...liked it
  • Betsy - not sure why but since a cute guy made it up, she liked it
  • Tree and Hakeem Olijawan and Annie - Liked Annie because her grandma called her that
  • A-Kray - from the high school students at Five Oaks and the only nickname she ever had
  • Bones - because she was so skinny...didn't like it wanted to gain weight
  • Stephie - Loved it because her grandma called her that
  • Gaff - Says never had any cool nicknames but was called this in sports all the time (I think it's cool, though)
  • Potuso - named by his godmother and used by one wing of the family to this it
  • Pam - Pammie and Broomhilda - also Peanut from her grandpa
  • Debbie Doll - her friends older brother in college called her this so she liked it because he was cute
  • May Mouse - Middle name is May
  • T. Bone (named that by his brother) & Natch or Natural (high school soccer team because he wasn't very good and did something awesome one time and it stuck...) & Jeremy (when all the guys on his floor at college were renamed according to what name they look like)

The staff people at the meeting (not in the order above):

  • Ann Paulson
  • Amy Kramer
  • Me
  • Tim Bubar
  • Dana Hayden
  • Bob Brueggen
  • Deb Johnson
  • Deb Carr
  • Pam Hawley
  • Cindy Yarington
  • Stephanie Selbitchka
  • Brian Burquest
  • David Gafford
  • Jonathan Haage
  • Jeni Carlson

See if you can guess who is who.