Necessity is the Mother (Part 4)

So how can we get the word out?

  • By mobilizing our entire congregation to be spiritually aware and bold in their personal witness.
  • We are creating a special web site with a compelling presentation introducing the series at
  • Besides the billboard, we'll be asking our congregation to use some invitation tools with the unchurched and de-churched they are investing their lives in. Simple cards that say on one side and "Change begins on the weekend of February 8/9 at [church logo]" on the other (that's the message the billboard will have as well). Maybe pens with the same message. We're going to leave cards and pens all over the place. Put them on bulletin boards. What if the 1500 people who call Five Oaks home gave out and distributed 10 cards and pens each? Cost: Super cheap. Impact: Eternal.
  • Then there's the chalk campaign to get the word out. But I'm going to wait a bit to tell you about that one. Cost: How much do several hundred pieces of chalk cost? Not much. Impact: Eternal.