Still Behind but Catching Up

Finally finished the December 9/10 message on John 1:19-34. The series is called The Voice. This was a hard one because it could go in so many directions. Once I decided on a theme/big idea, I had a load of work to do developing it. Why? Because the big idea has to do with humility. Hardly anyone actually strives to be humble. No one thinks they're proud. And if they do, they don't see anything wrong with it. So who cares? That's part of my job every explain why people should care and listen. That's why Jesus was a creative teacher. He wasn't interested in just conveying information.

Sadly, too many communicators simply convey information. I read a lot of articles and sermons and commentaries on this text, and too much of what I read was information without a compelling reason to listen or to change. This kind of message had to become alive in me first, I needed to see my own pride and the damage it does. C.S. Lewis, probably more than anybody, helped me in this message. He got through and he'll be quoted and alluded to a lot in this message. He's a master of information, but the way he presents it makes you think and makes you see the gravity of subject.

I'm very excited about this message. Now I better turn to this week's message and then try to get the December 15/16 one done! What fun.