Raw and Uncensored…Sort of

Quite a few people approached me after the congregational meeting to thank me for my candor when I gave my state of our church presentation. Although the meeting was well attended (one of the few lately we didn’t have to delay waiting for a quorum), probably more than 80% of people who call Five Oaks their church home were not there (counting members and non-members). So I’m going to begin a series of posts covering most of the information I talked about, including my assessment of what went right this last year and what went "wrong" (this will be the most interesting for most folks).  I’ll probably go into greater detail on some items than I did at the meeting, but I hope to keep the posts short nonetheless.

I could not have written these posts until recently. I was too emotional about it, needed some distance and had to process many conversations and assessments by others. But I’m ready now. The “sort of” in the title means I’ve had time to process, so it’s not completely raw and uncensored. I’m certain that my assessment is flawed. In another year I’ll be able to say more and hopefully do so with greater understanding and wisdom. But the very act is helpful for me and, evidently, for others.