MickeysEvery Thanksgiving and Christmas time, and a few times in between, the boys (including Uncle Larry) go to Mickey's Diner in St. Paul for the awesomest breakfast. Been going there since the boys were little (grandpa joins us every Christmas time) and Mary the manager has watched them grow up. She even knows our order (she's great and as ornery as they come)--the O'Brien Special with raisin bread. Aaron brought home a friend from Campus Crusade who is from Brazil, Flavio, and we got to introduce him to the Mickey's experience.

Very relaxing and fun Thanksgiving at Larry and Pam's. Eating, games, movies. No injuries from football but I entertained my family during a DVD movie when I had the worst leg cramp of my life. Horrible pain but even I couldn't help laughing because it came out of the blue and I was convulsing all over the place. I'm getting old.

Henry M. brought home one of his roommates, Jeff, and they decided to wear matching shirts. Aren't they cute?Games1Games4Games_5