Women's Hockey

Check out page 2C of the Pioneer Press today. Five Oaker Brad Frost, head coach of the Gopher women's hockey team, is interviewed by Bob Sansevere. Sansevere does this full page thing where his questions are off the record and the interviewee is talking about life, not just sports. I love these weekly features and read most of them, even when I don't know anything about the person being interviewed. In this case, I know a little. And Brad gets his faith story and values in in several places. Some highlights:

  • If I had a time machine, I'd like to go back into the times of Jesus and see how he lived. It would be fascinating.
  • I'm 34. People guess my age at 25. It's good to look younger when I'm 50; I'd like to look 35. But when I'm 34, I don't want to look 25.
  • I like to golf. I have about a 9 handicap. Every time I have a kid, it goes up.
  • Every time I communicate with these girls, when they're struggling with stuff, I think, "If they were my daughter, here's what I would want as a parent."
  • I don't believe in reincarnation. I believe I'm here for one shot. God and Jesus showed us how to live, so I try to model my life after that.
  • The best advise I ever got was to keep things in perspective and to do what's right all the time, even when it's tough.
  • The worst advice? It's all about the wins and loses.
  • I want my epitaph to say, "Here lies Brad Frost, who served God, served people and loved his family with all his heart."