I got this interesting email from one of our Five Oakers this week:

Last Saturday afternoon my husband & I were having a late lunch just north of St Cloud.  We had just assisted in moving my elderly mother from the hospital to a rehab unit in her apartment complex nearby.  We were seated in a small room of a restaurant and only one other table was occupied in that part of the restaurant.  We couldn't help but overhear their conversation.  One woman was describing her church situation:  "We have our own worship team live.  The pastor will be broadcast via video to us.  It will be right in Hudson".......... and much more.  You can imagine our shock as we realized she's from 5 Oaks and a part of the new plant and telling her family about it.  Here we were north of St Cloud!!!   We were not able to speak with her as she was part of a group and we needed to leave before they did.  She was so excited about her church!!!