Did you notice? My mom did.

One or my highlights of visiting the Dalton's in Japan was attending their church which targets people with international experience living in Tokyo. It was amazing seeing the world represented in that church, maybe the largest evangelical church in the city.

You might have noticed that Five Oaks' Woodbury campus is looking more and more diverse these days. It's easy to forget that its lead pastor's first language was Spanish and that his whole extended family is Cuban with a name like Williams.

So did you notice something different this week? My mom did. The opening song had a distinctly Latin beat and the last song of the worship set was black gospel. This is something our worship arts director, David Gafford, plans to expand on and include more of in worship. He'll also continue to throw in those Indiana camp meeting style hymns that not only lead to celebratory worship, but they're also a lot of fun. At the base of our worship style, week in and week out, we're not making any big changes, and you can continue to soar with songs from the likes of Chris Tomlin and rock with songs from the likes of Lincoln Brewster. But I think you'll love the new additions and variety.