I'm thinking about...healthy small groups

I'm thinking about including a quarterly small group "audit" for groups to evaluate how they're doing as a group. What are the essential things that have to be in place for a group to be effective in doing discipleship, community and mission? Here's what I have in mind. Anybody have any other ideas? I want it to be short and get to the essentials, rather than comprehensive. I feel like I'm cheating by listing the extra bulleted questions. Is there another way to do it?

Take the “Keys to a Healthy Small Group” Quarterly Audit

Discuss these questions as a group. Answer “yes” to all of these questions and you are well on the way to being a group that is effective in discipleship, community and mission because you are sharing responsibility.  If you can’t answer “yes,” discuss what next actions you need to take.

1. Do we have a healthy balance of fellowship, Bible study and prayer in our meeting times?
2. Do we share the responsibilities of being in community?

  • Do we have a PEACE Leader?
  • Do others besides the leaders take turns facilitating the study?
  • Does someone other than the leader coordinate snacks and socials?
  • Does someone other than the leader coordinate childcare?

3. Do we care for each other in times of need?
4. Does everyone make group attendance a priority?
5. Have we participated in a local or global PEACE effort in the last three months?