High Expectations

Bill Markham sent me this quote from Henri Nouwen:

"I am convinced that a community which feels called to do a most difficult task, which asks for great sacrifices and great self-denial in order to do the work of God which is obvious and self-evident, will have no problems at all in finding people who want to join in the challenging enterprise. He who promises hard work, long hours, and much sacrifice will attract the strong and generous [people,] but he who promises protection, success and all the facilities of an affluent society will have to settle for the weak, the lazy, and the spoiled."

A visiting pastor to Five Oaks recently who got a glimpse behind the scenes commented on how high our expectations are for volunteers and how willing so many are to serve in sacrificial ways at Five Oaks. One of the leading church researchers wrote a book recently saying that growing, effective churches are high expectation churches.

The irony is that so many people who attack large churches as being places where people simply come and consume have no idea. No idea whatsoever! Five Oaks is effective because so many people are working so hard behind the scenes to bring lives to Christ and Christ to everyday life. Thank you to all of you who obediently follow Christ's leading.