First Impressions Weekly Update

Here's the latest:

  • We don’t know anything about this church, so we really can’t say whether or not we would recommend it to anyone. Based on first visit, we liked it.
  • Wonderful people. Great place to worship. I like the flexibility of worshipping either Saturday or Sunday. Thanks and stay blessed.
  • We have attended the past 2 Sundays. As former Willow Creek attendees we felt at home. Really, really appreciate the nursery staff- I feel comfortable leaving our son there (or we probably wouldn’t attend church). We have lived in Woodbury for 2 yrs. and have felt very alone in this community. We are looking forward to seeing how Five Oaks could be a part of our family and how we could some day get involved.
  • The sermon via video kind of threw me for a loop, but I enjoyed the music and the friendly atmosphere so much that I plan on attending more. I’m brand new to Woodbury and I hope to join small groups and other activities so that I can feel more at home and get to know more people in the area.