Exponential - Wayne Cordeiro

CordeiroFounding pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship in Honolulu. Since opening in 1995, New Hope has grown to 11,000 in weekend attendance with 8,500 of those being first-time decisions. New Hope has helped plant 80 churches in the Pacific Rim and beyond over the last 11 years.

Title: "A new church will move beyond addition by being SPIRIT-LED"

  • You teach what you know but reproduce what you are.
  • Jesus has to touch us all the way to the core.
  • When you start a church (or any important venture) you won't have the wisdom to take you all the way. You have to acquire it through personal experience and other people's personal experience.
  • The Bible is full of other people's personal experiences with God we can learn from.
  • The root system of your life is a daily time in God's Word. Great pianists do scales every day even though they will never do a concert of scales. The scales for a leader is a daily time in God's Word. Therein the Holy Spirit will mentor you.
  • Bring a Bible, a reading program (to systematically study the Bible), a journal (to record what God speaks to you) and a daily planner (to record the things that come to mind that you need to do).
  • He mentors people by asking them to join him in personal devotions. With a group he does what he calls 20/20/20: 20 minutes of Bible reading; 20 minutes of journaling; 20 minutes of sharing. No one talks for the first 40 minutes.