I'm thinking about...basic training

No, not military training. Actually I am thinking about military training because my good friend's son just joined the army... But that's not what I'm writing about. I'm thinking about basic training for discipleship.

Purpose-Driven has the baseball diamond--a series of seminars offered, each four hours long, each one offered in one afternoon--class 101 (Membership), 201 (Maturity), 301 (Ministry) and 401 (Mission). The Navigators and Campus Crusade have a set of studies for basic discipleship. Cell churches around the world have a series of classes, retreat experiences, mentoring and personal study courses. Some call it a journey and they have a journey map they follow. BSF has six one-hour electives. All of these are about basic training for new, immature or stagnant believers.

We don't have anything like this. I think it's a huge gap and way overdue. So I'm thinking about it a lot lately. Any thoughts, experiences, ideas...?