I'm thinking about...

"I'm thinking about..." is a new category of posts I want to do. My goal over the next ten weeks is to do at least one per week. The reason has to do with my one goal, coming out of my experience at the Center for Creative Leadership.

One way of achieving my one goal (which I haven't written about yet but has to do with a more participative management on our Staff Leadership Team and with the staff), is to include more people (especially leaders, but not exclusively) in what I'm thinking about, earlier on in the process of my thinking about issues that may later become strategic initiatives. (Yeah, that's a confusing sentence. Not quite sure what to do with it, though.) I have a tendency to think, research, ask for input from a few people, formulate plans and then present to the larger group (like the Staff Leadership Team or the staff in general). I want to get more input earlier on in the process.

So I'm implementing this "I'm thinking about..." series of posts and I'm going to ask what you think about what I'm thinking about. Let's get some comments flying!