Self Awareness

Ccl_1 Great view from our seminar room. The whole CCL facility is pretty incredible. They joke that it's not a good place for people who suffer from paranoia since it's filled with two-way mirrors for observations and feedback.

CCL's definition of leadership is excellent. They identify the tasks of leadership as (1) setting direction, (2) creating alignment and (3) maintaining momentum.

Today's focus was on understanding yourself. Covered two assessments today, the CPI 260 and the FIRO-B. In the CPI 260, I was identified as an "Implementer." So were the majority of our group. I don't know how to describe the results of the FIRO-B here. The focus of the day was on understanding how your personality and behavioral patterns influence your leadership style.

Several take-aways today...several specific things I can improve on. And one of the most interesting things about this training is the development of an ongoing plan for change and some additional coaching over the next few weeks.

I'm predicting that the biggest take-away for me will be in the area of giving feedback. I know I have a lot to learn. In one of my group exercises today I couldn't help but notice how free some of the guys were at giving each other feedback and how reluctant I was to offer critical assessments. But we'll see. There might be some surprising insights that open up areas of development I'm not very aware of.