LDP at the CCL in CO

Okay, that stands for Leadership Development Program at the Center for Creative Leadership in Colorado. That's where I'm at right now. Arrived Sunday night. Finished first day and I'm writing this post while watching 24. I'm sleepy and need a good, long night sleep.

This is very different from any other conference I've ever been to before. I guess it's not really a conference as much as it's training. First, I'm the only pastor in the group. I'm here with CFO's, managers, directors and other leaders from businesses as diverse as John Deere, Express, Pittsburgh Power and Light and other businesses. Second, we're a small group of 19. Third, this is way more expensive than anything I've ever attended before. It costs more than a year's tuition at either of my sons' universities. But I applied for a substantial scholarship last year and got it! Fourth, I had to take five different assessments before coming, and several Board members, staff and non-staff leaders filled out two assessments on my leadership style. Fifth, it's very hands-on and interactive. We get video taped on certain exercises, give each other lots of feedback and practice the skills we're learning right away. I'm tired after day one, but energized too.

I've been looking at coming to the CCL for several years. I just never thought it would be possible because of the cost. I'm blessed to be here.