Q & A 2

Q: Why does 5 Oaks so rarely sing hymns? We use to sing hymns on occasion, but now we rarely sing them.

A: It's just not been a priority lately. It's never been a high priority, but there have been times when we've intentionally tried to include more (although I don't think we used so many then and so few now as to mark a great contrast). That might happen again if we think that would be effective in our worship, but we've had other things on our minds and other priorities lately.

One thing some people may not realize is how hard it is to mix things up a bit and do something different when you have only four to five songs per service to work with. Any change is usually noticed by a few: the ones who like that we're doing more of what they like and those who don't like the fact that we're doing less of what they prefer.