Q & A 1

I'm up to about 56 questions. Found two cards I missed. Shuffled the cards and this one came up first.

Q: I recently read the EFCA's statement of faith, and I found it fairly easy to identify scripture references to support the first 10 points. What scriptures back up the last two (in regards to eternal conscious punishment and the imminent return of Christ)?

A: I'm assuming your question regards the words "conscious" and "imminent." There's serious work being done on a revision and eschatology is one of the areas where significant changes are being proposed. I'm not well versed on this, but I think dropping "imminent" and "premillenial" is being considered.

In the draft revision it is explained that the word "conscious" is used to deny annihilationism and, even though it's not commonly used in statements of this doctrine, it will be retained. Passages used to support the use of this word include Matthew 25:46 and several passages from Revelation 21 and 22.