No Super Bowl for Me

I discovered last week that I scheduled myself to be in Haiti during the Super Bowl. What was I thinking? I don't think I've missed one since I started paying attention the season of Super Bowl V. Had to listen on the radio to that one between my favorite team at the time, the Baltimore Colts led by my hero Johnny Unitas and my all-time nemesis Dallas Cowboys. It was in Miami, I think, so it wasn't broadcast on TV for us. Things sure have changed.

Missing the game will be a bit of a deal for me if the Colts make it in. I'd love to see Dungy and Manning make it. And even though the Colts broke my heart in the mid 70's and I shifted all my loyalties to the Redskins, I still get a bit of a thrill when I see the horse shoe on those helmets.

But what I'll miss most is the party and seeing the commercials with a bunch of other people. I'll watch it taped when I get back, but it just won't be the same.

Could have been worse. Dana's been in Haiti for two weeks and missed his beloved New England in the playoffs. I almost feel sorry for him. :)