First Impressions

Here are the comments from the First Impression Cards we received from the last two weeks. We send the cards with a welcome letter to first time guests. We get a good number back. We ask for rating on three areas: regarding how welcomed they felt, their children's experience and whether they would recommend us to a friend or colleague. Then we ask for comments. (Sometimes people have been attending for a while before they fill out a Communication Card and get our guest letter and evaluation card.)

I appreciated one of the “Go” sermons. Also, blog regarding “Are we a reaching or teaching church”.

We had come from a Catholic, very ritualized church. Were a bit confused as to what to do and/or where to go. Didn't quite understand whether to go to a service or first look around, children’s program, etc…Maybe a bit more explanation initially.

Didn't appreciate Jingle Bell Rock at end of service. I like the song, but not in church.

I felt very welcome. Thank you for your letters and invitation to Discovery Class!

I felt highly welcomed and look forward to attending again.