Pastor Jesus

Perry Noble is nothing if he's not controversial. Think of what it would be like if a redeemed Robin Williams were preaching and you've got Perry. (His podcast is listed below under those I listen to.) Perry planted his church a few years ago and they are reaching about 7000 or more people each week. Perry is very aware of the dysfunctions keeping so many churches from doing what God called them to do--break through the gates of hell. So if, after reading his post, you're wondering what's got him all wound up, that's it. In this post he gives seven reasons Jesus wouldn't likely to make it as a pastor (my guess is you'll either love this or hate it):

#1 - He Obviously Cared About Numbers! 

In reading the Gospels it does not take a rocket scientist to discover that “great crowds” were always gathering around Him…there are even instances where the crowds nearly crushed Him…and not once did He ever get mad about it & tell those people to go to hell so that He could “go deep” with those closest to Him.

At the end of every Gospel He tells His apostles to go and tell people about Him (Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15, Luke 24:48, John 20:21)…and upon a casual reading of the book of Acts one can discover that this happened…and God was involved.  (Acts 2:42 - Acts 4:4)  By the way…God never seems to be truly involved in churches that don’t reach people…because people are too involved!

Yep–Jesus cared too much about people…and that just would not fly in some places.

#2 - He Was Not An Expository Preacher!

Jesus simply did not preach line by line, verse by verse, through the Old Testament.  There are SOME instances where He uses Scripture; however, the overwhelming majority of the time He tells stories…in other words–He was a creative communicator!!!  (I am so sure the bloggers of that time period probably accused Him of watering down God’s word!)

#3 - He Offended Religious People!

Yep–the personel committee would have dismissed Jesus quickly–and probably without any severance.  You see–He kept asking them insulting questions like, “Haven’t you read…”, which REALLY insulted their intelligence because He was referring to the Torah…which most of them had memorized.

There are instances where He calls religious people sons of their father the devil…and even calls them things like snakes, vipers and white washed tombs.  Obviously Jesus didn’t give a rip about what people thought about Him…and most pastors know that if you are going to be “successful” in ministry you HAVE to keep the influencers and big givers happy & try hard not to offend them.

#4 - He Was Not Issue Oriented! 

Not once did Jesus ever organize a group to protest the illegal occupation by the Romans.  Nor did He became an advocate for private school, gun control, or animal rights!  AND…He also refused to be interviewed by Fox News or endorse Al Frankin!

AND…He never seemingly would take a stand on predestination or free will - the rapture - speaking in tongues - or can women wear make-up, you know–things that REALLY matter to people who are lost.

No–He had this passion about one thing–the Kingdom of God…and He was dedicated to it in a relentless way.  I know of too many pastors that are focused on many issues…but “the issue” that NEEDS to be focused on is JESUS CHRIST...making HIM famous…and NOT a particular political party or a particular brand of theology.  (Oh boy…I can feel the temperature rising!)  :-)

#5 - He Liked To Have Fun! 

Where was His first miracle performed?  Answer…A PARTY!!!  I know, I know–technically it was a wedding…but a casual study of that culture in that particular time period will show that wedding were a HUGE deal…many times lasting for three days.

And get this–Jesus made the list!!!  Someone evidently thought Jesus was cool enough to invite to the wedding.  (And they were so glad they did when they ran out of wine.)  Folks–it is in the Bible–John 2, read it for yourself!!!

And in Matthew 14 where the Bible talks about Jesus walking on the water…and the disciples cried out in fear.  Now guys…stop and think for a second…don’t you think He had a HUGE smile on His face when He did this?

#6 - He Hung Out With The Wrong Types Of People!

Jesus never seemed to be caught up in hanging out with people who seemed to think just like Him…you see, that would have been way too safe.  Nope–He was always hanging around prostitutes, tax collectors and “sinners.”  And He hung out with them so much that He was even accused of being a drunkard and a glutton!!!  The thing is–He just didn’t seem to let that bother Him.

You see, in order to be “successful” as a pastor today you MUST hang out with people who talk, think, and act JUST LIKE YOU!  For God’s sake don’t get near someone who might believe differently than you…OR have a different skin color than you…that might CHANGE the way you think…and that just wouldn’t be good in someone’s goal to please people.

#7 - He Was A Prophet…And Not A Prostitute. 

A prostitute is for sale…they get paid for a service in order to make someone feel better about themselves.  Many pastors today are simply prostitutes–for sale–and threatened and intimated by the loudest and most controlling person in their church.

BUT…a prophet speaks the truth…and does so not caring what might happen to Him.  This was Jesus…if He desired to play it safe He could have probably avoided the whole crucifixion thing.  BUT He was WAY more concerned with offending His Father than He was offending people…and that just would not fly in the modern day church.

I have heard pastors who say they like to “tell it like it is.”  I agree…but telling it like it is does not mean that we yell at people who are far from God that they are “going to go to hell and fry like bacon.”  Nor does it mean that we spend the majority of our time trying to tell the already convinced how good they are and that their poop doesn’t stink!

Nope–it is up to us to tell those who are far from God that they need to come near to Him through Jesus…and it is also up to us to tell those who are “in Christ” to live like it…and that means calling those IN the kingdom to repentance from time to time…both on a corporate and a private level.

Nope–Jesus simply could not have served as a pastor in many churches…but He did what He was called and instructed to do…which should be the goal of EVERY pastor and church leader all around the world.  If we would all focus on pleasing Jesus and advancing His kingdom rather than pleasing people and catering to the need of immature Christians then our churches would be a lot better off!

Thank you Jesus for setting an awesome example!!!