I'm not a big sci-fi or fantasy fan, but I absolutely loved listening to Eragon a couple of years ago (unabridged). The movie is coming out this week and I'll definitely go see it, but I'm not so sure I'll love it. Usually I get jazzed by movie trailers, but the "Eragon" trailer didn't grab me. I think I'm bracing for disappointment because the aspects I loved about the book can't be put on screen well. The movie will no doubt focus on the action scenes, but it's the emotions of Eragon as his destiny unfolds that got me. (By the way, the reader for this book is one of the best.) I hope the movie can capture that, but I'll like it anyway because I like just about everything I go see. After I see the movie, I'll probably listen to Eldest, the second book in the trilogy (the third is not written yet).