Change of Pace

Even though I love my routines, one of the things I love about this week (the week between Christmas and New Year) is the change of pace, especially going out or popping in a DVD in the middle of the week. We've done less this year because of other stuff we had to do, but Wednesday we went and saw Night at the Museum and last night we watched End of the Spear.

Night was fun but I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Great special effects and some funny lines, but I felt it was too formulaic on the plot. Now that's a first for me. I love a good formulaic movie and I don't even notice it. But for some reason I did with this one.

I was way overdue seeing End of the Spear. Not sure why I delayed, except maybe that I know the story so well. (We even lived in the same town as Elizabeth Elliot when I was in seminary and one of my close friends rented a room from her for a year.) But it was still engrossing. It's one of the great stories of our time. The action scenes and violent clashes were a little too clean and crisp for me. I think I've been Mel Gibsoned or Private Ryaned. I guess I just feel real violence should be upsetting and gritty. But other than that, I really enjoyed the movie and started googling for real pictures and video before it was done.

One of the good things about changing the pace, though, is that I enjoy my routines so much more once I get back to them!