Something's Different

Several people have noted something different in my preaching this fall. Something is different. I'm using a different approach than before. It's a different structure to my messages that impacts my style as well. And it came as a result of reading Andy Stanley's new book, Communicating for a Change.

The characteristics of this approach include:

  • Focusing on one big idea that is stated (hopefully) in a memorable way.
  • More relational connection in the message, especially sharing more from my own life.
  • A more free-flowing exposition of the passage. (This part is also getting me into some trouble time-wise, so I'm working on it.)
  • Minimal dependence on my notes, which is facilitated by the overall structure. Stanley calls it ME - YOU - GOD - YOU - WE.

As before, I'm still focused on application in everyday life, making it interesting and seeking to inspire action and hope. This approach lends itself well to all these things.

It's fun to change. It keeps me fresh. Yes, I love my routines, but sometimes change is just what I need to fire me up.