Everyday Hope

After last Easter one of our members told me about his sister's experience at our church on Easter. All day long, she kept telling people how much she loved the Easter service. She said it was filled with such hope. As other family members joined them for lunch and others for supper, oftentimes complaining about experiencing the same old stuff, she just kept saying how much our service was hope filled.

Her words had a deep impact on me. I can't and won't forget them. That's what I want every week. That doesn't mean we don't tackle hard hitting topics, heavy stuff and significant challenges. It means we should try always to offer the hope and joy and good news we possess in Christ in the midst of the heavy, troublesome and difficult. If our services start losing that hopeful edge, I hope to hear from our members. I hope to be reminded that we all need hope and inspiration. And that there's no greater way to get the good news out than for our folks and new folks to be telling their friends and family that at Five Oaks, you'll find hope and experience joy and you'll hear good news.