Monday Night Party

Fantasy_league_1Small group this last Monday night at Throwbacks. Our fantasy league meets every Monday night for the first half of the game. We do trades and free agent transactions at half-time. Andy, Rich, Gary (pictured, from left to right), me and our sons have been doing this league for years. A few others have joined us and we always have 12 teams. This year Tom and his son Anthony joined our league. I got to know Andy, Rich and Tom when our oldests were in sixth grade and we coached them together in WAA football. What a great year that was with Woodbury winning state (we all went to the games together and still often sit together on Friday nights under the lights).

Andy is our faithful commish (even though he tricked me into trading T.O. for Frank Gore). Andy is a big Cowboys fan (they're everywhere, they're everywhere), Rich loves Denver and the Cowboys and Gary's a Cheesehead, so we have some interesting competition going on. Love these guys and love fantasy football. It adds a whole new dimension to the NFL and fall fun.