Families Serving Together

A high school (and college) friend of Lois', and her family, visited Five Oaks this weekend while in town. Dad farms just outside of Sioux Falls and mom is an occupational therapist. They were in town to help with Samaritan's Purse Christmas boxes project at the regional center in the Twin Cities. I thought it was cool to see a whole family take two days to serve Christ in this way. It's behind the scenes but necessary. The folks who distribute the boxes couldn't without this kind of help. Those boxes demonstrate and announce the good news of the Kingdom all over the world. 

I knew the kids probably had heard it a dozen times, but I told them that I've been with the kind of kids that receive these boxes and that it makes a huge difference in their lives. It's really hard to convey without seeing it yourself.

Years ago I was leading a team that was building an addition to a school in the Dominican Republic. One of the teachers was working side-by-side with us and pointed to his own son. He said, "See those shoes. They were provided by Compassion International. My son would have no shoes or books if not for Compassion International." Having been a Compassion International sponsor for years, hearing that had a big impact on me. We still sponsor a child and it's great to have seen the difference it makes firsthand.