Where's "Go" Going


Here are the messages I've planned for the series so far. I don't think I'll add any others, but you never know.

  • "Go Now" - Luke 10:1-20 - October 14-15
  • "Go Announce" - Matthew 11:1-6 - October 21-22
  • "Go Fish" - Mark 1:14-20 - October 28-29
  • "Go Party" - Mark 2:13-17 - November 4-5
  • "Go Be" - Mark 3:13-19 - November 11-12
  • "Go Everywhere" - Acts 8:1-8; 1:8 - November 18-19
  • Thanksgiving Weekend
  • "Go Make" - Matthew 28:18-20 - December 2-3

It's a little longer than we like to go with one series, but I think it's needed. I'll have been at Five Oaks ten years this coming February. In these ten years we've gone from being a fledgling church plant with a little over one hundred people in average attendance to a thriving church of over 1100 in average attendance. For me, this series is about what God wants to do in us and through us over the next ten years. Get ready to be surprised, shaken up and challenged, because that's what God is doing to me. Jesus is on the go, and if we want to be with him, we have to go where he's going...and where he's going is filled with adventure, risk, joy and danger.