Exhilarating and Frustrating

Planning for a year's worth of message series is, for me, both an exhilarating and very frustrating experience. All year long I'm jotting down and filing away ideas. Ideas come from all over the place and if a Five Oaker offers an idea, I write it down and file it for future consideration. (L.B., I'm looking at a cool possibility for addressing spiritual warfare issues.) At around this time of year I start to put a plan together for the whole year. I love planning and dreaming. The frustrating part is that I can't do everything I want to do. I have to leave a lot of great stuff on the table. I just got an idea! (That's what's great about writing things down.) Maybe I ought to plan for two years! Then I'll have to struggle a bit to complete it, which would be a great problem to have with as frustrated as I feel right now. I'll write more about the process of planning in future posts.